I just updated the repo for the inkscape trunk builds for fedora. See my previous post here for details on initially setting this repo up. If you have already set the repo up, this updated package provides inkscape trunk revision 12379, with the following changes since the previous build (rev 12353)

[12379] Fix layer selection so defs don't change layers, updated 
          symbol text.
[12378] Fix for 1184408 : Additional zoom levels in zoom context menu
[12377] Revert Fix for 600285 : Zoom slider
[12376] Improve icons for symbols dialog
[12375] Fix crash for external symbol documents, should never select 
        these items.
[12374] Big change in symbols ui and selection chemistry.
[12373] Allow svg elements to be ungrouped
[12372]  Do not allow markers for children of markers (prevent loop)
[12371] Use fixed inkscape icon for 'no-marker' instead of gtk theme icon
[12370] Fix Apache2 license conflict with GPL with re-license from 
        SOIX upstream
[12369] Use 'remove' instead of 'gtk-remove' for theme.
[12368] Restore the old behavior of autogen.sh (do not automatically 
        run configure).
[12367] Change back to using NULL and fix windows theme error by checking
[12366] Fix bug where symbols weren't identified as such
[12365] extensions. hpgl input. new import routine by TimeWaster
[12364] Fix new bug with No-Marker having no icon, use Stock GTK::Remove icon 
        for No-Marker.
[12363] Change marker layout in stroke-widget so they are all on one line.
[12362] use visual bbox in calculation of filter area (Bug 1188336)
[12361] Remove use of separate array for scale values.
[12360] Replace multiple copies of GTK2/GTK3 #ifdef code with single helper 
[12359] Refactor --export-pdf-version detection. If the user try to export the 
        pdf and ps versions at one run, the sp_export_pdf detection would fail. 
        A better approach (this commit) is to check the mime argument.
[12358] C++ conversion of parallel arrays to vector of class instances.
[12357] Check for value in range before dereferencing.
[12356] Glibmm 2.32+ fix extended to optional components. Fixes bug #1179338.
[12355] Adding inclusion of config.h where needed for threads.h check
[12354] Warning cleanup.