Nicu has an article in RedHat Magazine which celebrates the release of Inkscape 0.45 and in particular, the blur filter. It is a very tutorial orientated article which covers orbs, 3d text effects (using my bevel edges technique) and dropping shadows in all directions. Go have a read, and leave him a comment. Trust me its pretty cool. (non-linux people dont be scared by the fact it is in “RedHat” magazine, Inkscape pretty much plays the same (nicely) on most platforms…)

 Here is quote from the article:
“The blur filter, one of the most eagerly-awaited Inkscape features, was recently introduced. The blur filter opens up a wide range of photo-realistic rendering possibilities. RedHat Magazine shows you some of those possibilities, and touches on some other useful Inkscape tools such as bitmap tracing, inset and outset, and path manipulation.”  


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