UPDATE: Corebird 0.6.1 is now in the stable Fedora 20 repos.

The new version of corebird — a twitter client — is in the works for Fedora 20. Please test and add karma here.

This updated version provides the following bugfixes and enhancements.
  • Support for Twitter Lists is now in Corebird. To view and create lists, use the list view in the main window sidebar. To add a user to a list, use the drop-down menu in the top right of a user’s profile (near the Follow / Unfollow button).
  • The corebird application icon and sidebar icons are new, updated and shiny.
  • The last tweet that was selected in a list of tweets (e.g. the Main timeline or Replies) is now remembered when switching back and forth between pages.
  • The user can now set the maximum inline media size by Megabytes. To change this setting, tweak the “Maximum media size” value in the “Interface” tab in the Corebird settings dialog.
  • The Corebird sidebar can now be hidden. To hide and show the sidebar, use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+S”.
  • The keyboard shortcuts for hiding/showing the toolbar, and composing a new tweet are now stored in GNOME gsettings. The Corebird gsettings configuration can be tweaked in GNOME’s dconf-editor, under the path “org > baedert > corebird”
  • Previously, the buttons that show when hovering over a tweet sometimes overlapped the text of a tweet or inline media. In this update to corebird, the buttons are now aligned at the top of a tweet and will not obscure the tweet.
  • Previously, retweeting and deleting the selected tweet was possible with a single keypress of the “d” key to delete, and the “t” key to retweet. This resulted in possible accidental deletion or retweeting. In corebird 0.6, these shortcuts have been changed to require a double press of the key. To delete a tweet, press “dd”. To retweet, press “tt”.
  • The User Profiles page now displays if the user is following you. This is displayed in the top right corner of the profile page, under the Follow / Unfollow button.
  • The User Profiles page now displays if the user is a verified user on twitter. If the user profile is a verified user, a blue check icon is shown next to the user’s name,
  • The position of corebird main windows is now persistent. Every time you re-open corebird, the window(s) will be in the same positions on the screen.
  • Accessibility in corebird is now improved. Notable improvements include fixes for uses utilizing screen readers. Special thanks to Peter Vágner for contributing these improvements.
  • Many other bugfixes and enhancements.