I’m super excited to announce the news that I have just started a new role for Red Hat: Fedora Interaction Designer!  I’m joining the Fedora Engineering Team, and get to work with the awesome Mo Duffy as the second designer on the team.

Over the past nearly 4 years, I have been working for Red Hat as a content author creating documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (specifically the Release Notes and Technical Notes), and more recently I have been working on the UI of many of the Engineering Tools. In my spare time i also been hanging out with the Fedora Design team, and lending a hand there whenever i can. I’m super excited about the transition to start working full-time on the tools and websites that Fedora Users and Contributors use each and every day.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working on formulating a plan to help enhance the UX for new and existing Fedora Users and contributors. That said, feedback from the fedora community about a few things would be awesome for identifying issues with the way things currently are:

New Fedora Users

If you are new Fedora user , I would love to hear from you about any challenges you faced (especially with fedoraproject.org) trying to get information about the fedora project or downloading and installing Fedora itself. Feel free to comment on this post with thoughts and suggestions!

Fedora Contributors

If you are a fedora contributor, what are your opinions about the current state of the tools you use to contribute? If you can think back far enough to when you started contributing to the Fedora Project do you remember any challenges you faced when first trying to learn the ropes?  Feel free to comment on this post with thoughts and suggestions!


Your feedback will be invaluable for helping identify where the roadblocks are for new fedora users and contributors, so the right signposts and pointers can be created to help new Fedora people join our awesome community!