Listening to triple j this morning, jay and the doctor had Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (Australia’s favourite crazy scientist, who famously won an igNobel award for his research on the topic “Why is bellybutton lint always blue?“)

Anyway, if you listen to triple j, you would know that Dr Karl has a show on every thursday, where he fields all sorts of crazy science questions from listeners. (they podcast it if you want to listen…) Other than this radio show, and a myriad of other things that he does, Dr karl writes books, and that is why he was on the radio this morning, plugging his new book.

And he was on the radio talking about his book launch tomorry (or whenever it is 🙂 ) when he announced that he will be literally launching the book. Some guy from some university has rolled up a copy of his new book, built it into a rocket and they intend to launch it at Bondi beach. He was talking of how he needed to get clearance from CASA to do it and everything.

Im not too sure on some of the details of this, and i cant find any information about it, but i thought it was pretty funny.