Corebird 1.1 was recently released and it is now available in the official Fedora repos.

Major changes that this new version of corebird includes are:

  • The behavior in corebird on how tweets get hidden and shown is now more consistent.
  • Corebird now provides snippets that you are used to insert common phrases or emoticons. Simply type the keyword for the snippet, and press tab to autocomplete. Settings for adding and configuring snippets is found in the application settings in the “Snippets” tab.
  • Corebird now supports showing Twitter quote tweets in timelines as well as creating quote tweets. This replaces the old “Quote” item for tweets which would simply copy the original tweet’s text.
  • Twitter removed the 140 char limit on Direct Messages, so this limit is also removed in Corebird

Update via the Software application in Fedora, or on the command line with yum or dnf.