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Development Builds of Inkscape for fedora

I have recently just started building RPMS for development versions of Inkscape. The previous stable version of fedora was first…

How do you stop GNOME applications (like nautilus) from hiding their titlebar when maximised?

Easy! There is an Ask Fedora! question that has the answer for you!

Some wisdom on anaconda and major rewrites

So, before ranting and raving about anaconda being different (not only from previous anaconda releases, but really significantly different from…

FUDCon 2013 Photos – Day 1 – Lightning Talks

FUDCon Photos – the morning of Day 1

  Here are some of the photos i took during the morning of day 1 of FUDCon Kansas. I am…

The morning before FUDCon 2013

Outreach Program for Women

Fedora is participating in the GNOME Outreach Program for Women (OPW). Basically, it is a program similar to the Google…

How do you rotate in inkscape?

I posted a quick FAQ over on the inkscape tutorials blog on the basics of rotating objects in inkscape.


Designing simple user experiences often turns out not to be about ‘How can I make this simpler’ but rather ‘Where…

What I Love about Fedora

What do I love about Fedora? Anyone can contribute. There is no secret club or membership that you need to…

My new role — Interaction Designer for Fedora!

I’m super excited to announce the news that I have just started a new role for Red Hat: Fedora Interaction Designer!  I’m joining…

New Blog

My blog has moved from its previous home at ryanler.wordpress.com to http://www.ryanlerch.org/blog/ cheers, ryanlerch

Libre Graphics Day 2011

The Libre Graphics Day miniconf at linux.conf.au is going ahead again in 2011! The call for papers, and further information…

Fedora Branding Fonts trial

The fedora-design team is currently trialling new branding fonts.

10 inkscape tutorials

shameless crosspost from inkscapetutorials.wordpress.com =) With the readership of the inkscape tutorials weblog steadily increasing over the past year, there…

Inkscape Business Card Tutorial

Here is a tutorial that i whipped up for worldlabel.com (excerpt is from inkcsapetutorials.wordpress.com) Here is a great tutorial for…

a new blog!

just a quick note. my mate mdious now has a blog!!! http://mdious.wordpress.com/ that is all.

koopa shell street art

I got Mariokart wii the other day, so when i saw this driving home one afternoon, i almost came to…

Jon Roberts gives us 5 Reasons You’ll Love Fedora 9

Jon gives a very nice blog post about the things to look forward to if F9… Personally I Can’t Wait……


LGM Originally uploaded by AndyFitz andy has already got a start on the art for LGM4, and it is awesome….

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