In recent weeks, i have been scouring the interweb for images that are in the public domain, which i can convert into SVG and upload onto the open clip art library. this search usually ends up with browsing through the tangled web of US government websites, searching for suitable images.

However, the other day, i stumbled across the illustrations by Sir John Tenniel for the Lewis Carrol classic – Alice in Wonderland.  There are 42 images that were printed in the first edition of Alice in Wonderland, and due to their age, they are in the public domain, hence i can convert them and upload them to the open clip art library.

I am in the process at the moment of doing this; so far i have uploaded 15 out of 42, and the rest should be up in a couple of days. if you want to see the collection grow here is the Open Clip art Library link to the images – And below is an example of one of the raster images that i have been converting from. There are also a lot more images that were drawn by Sir John Tenniel that i have found, and intend to convert and upload them in due time 🙂